Redentran has its origins in a group conlanging project called Musescorian. Ultimately, due to disagreement within the group (shocking, I know!), the project fell apart, and three different languages, including Redentran, resulted, with varying degrees of completion. Of these, I believe Redentran is the most advanced. It features a consonant inventory reminiscent of Icelandic and some highly complex onset clusters (e.g. in ẋbrjotna, /ˈʒ Redentran is associated with the concountry of Redentro, in the fictional Islands of Musescorrun.

Redentroða eb’avi ke­mjelkur-mhliyta ke­konmjor klamaċ Mjuzskoriðo. ’Avi jrulselhþ enh­mhliyta (teneg mi klmarða!), mjelkur ebhẋdjuyna, luy koiz multi mjorhþ eb’avi aph­terminax-multi kose Redentroða. Þur, mi sentax Redentroða erax plen mor hcubliaċ. Tenegax plen rujystri xlashþ sentix kom Islandax, luy plen mor hcubliaċ mjelkurhþ ke­xlashþ-rujystri (kom enh- "ẋbrjotna", /ˈʒ Redentroða tenegax vli aph­plazor-keRedentro, enh­rondarunhþ-ke­Mjuzskorrun-vjhryclrjay.